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How to become a Shutterstock Contributor on your first attempt

Shutterstock is the place bloggers, independent businesses, large companies and advertisers go for high-quality, inspected stock photos. It's a bit like Flickr if every photo was under Creative Commons licence. In the same way that Displate or Etsy helps independent artists, Shutterstock helps photographers or videographers to make a buck from their best content. To become a Contributor, you must first be approved. I got through on my first try, so I want to help others do the same!

Once you've made a Contributor account, you must send over ten to fifteen of your best images for review by their team, using the Dashboard. All ten to fifteen must be approved to pass, or you will be required to wait a month to submit again. I was aware that many people were falling at the last hurdle (getting nine approved out of ten) and that I would really need to take my time on choosing perfect photos for my submissions and do my research.

It's worth saying that your submissions, if appr…

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