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DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid to write these reviews, unless stated so within the blogpost. Occasionally I will be sent a free book or ARC in return for an honest review, but this would also be stated within the blogpost.

Do I accept books for review? Yes, certainly! Just drop me an e-mail.
My reviews have been called: "lovely" "thoughtful" and "a great way to start the day" - @benadamsauthor.

Rating System
1/5 stars - Poor. Wouldn't care if this book was removed from the shelves of all libraries everywhere.
2/5 stars - [The plot] Had potential, but it wasn't realised.
3/5 stars - Good, but not brilliant. Usually a little bit lacking in terms of writing style. My most common rating.
4/5 stars - Really good. Writing style is often brilliant. Just short of perfection.
5/5 stars - Amazing! This book has become one of my favourites.

Book Reviews, in alphabetical order:

Adams, Ben. Six Lies
Gaiman, Neil. The Ocean At The End of The Lane
Harris, Joanne M. The Gospel of Loki
Pilkington, Paul. The One You Love (Emma Holden #1)
Savit, Gavriel. Anna and the Swallow Man
Suzuki, Julia. The Gift of Charms (The Land of Dragor #1)
Thomas, Scarlett. The End of Mr. Y
Weaver, Tim. Vanished (David Raker #3)

Reading is one of my all time passions and so I aspire to fill my blog with reviews! I also hope to go into publishing one day... You can become my friend on Goodreads for more information.

I have allowed comments on this page so that readers may send me recommendations/suggestions as to what to read next.

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