Friday, 12 June 2015

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Hello again, guys! 

With so much studying to be done in the previous months, my blog became a bit of a coping mechanism. When revising became a little bit too much, I escaped here and wrote about whatever I fancied at the time; and whilst that helped me to chill out, it meant that there wasn't really any consistent theme being maintained on my website. I feel like I don't really maintain a theme on any of my social media sites - but I really want to start! I used to run a little beauty and fashion blog which later became abandoned, but it's something I enjoyed and want to revive on this website. Hopefully you'll be happy to hear that! I received a lot of products earlier on in the year which I'm in the process of trying out and I can't wait to get back to you all on that. Revision is finally over and it's good to feel the keys under my fingers again and get writing another blog for you all! 

As well as giving you a little update about what the content will most likely be like on my blog from now on, I also wanted to recommend a few of my favourite bloggers and vloggers to you. Now that my last exam is out of the way, I've been catching up with my Bloglovin' and YouTube subscriptions, and I'm finally ready to (hopefully) transfer some wonderful content creators into your subscription boxes. You'll probably be aware that I have a 'Favourite Bloggers' section in the panel to the right > that I update reasonably frequently, but it doesn't give me a chance to put links to my favourite YouTube channels there. I'm going to put some links down below, with a few lines as to why I adore them. Looking for more people to follow? You're going to love this!


Victoria at In The Frow
Victoria, known mostly for her lovely purple hair, comes first on my list as she is probably my favourite vlogger and blogger. I fangirled so hard when she favourited one of my tweets once! I am a fan of everything she does, and it will be hard to be brief about the reasons why I like her. In terms of her blog: it's minimalistic, beautiful, regularly-updated, simply written, with ah-mazing photography. She writes about food, travelling and fashion in a way that makes you long for her lifestyle. Before I found her blog, I was subscribed to her YouTube channel, where I had discovered a nice, softly-spoken girl with beautifully edited videos. She also has a similar music taste to me - I was amazed that someone as cool as Victoria had heard of The Gaslight Anthem - which was one of the initial pulls!

Sammi at The Beauty Crush
Sammi, a London-based vlogger, is one of my longest-standing beauty favourites - I've been a subscriber to her YouTube channel for years. I've seen her life change somewhat dramatically, with relationship changes and the launch of her new fashion label Novem & Knight. Despite her beauty and success, she remains modest. On her blog, she uploads loads of pictures of her impromptu shoots and daily looks, so if you're into that sort of thing I'd recommend giving it a follow (I'd also recommend Rosie from Made In Chelsea's blog,, as she does a similar thing, but with less words). Sammi's outfits are always really well put together, you can tell that she has experience in styling, and her shoots always look so professional.

Estee at Essie Button
A stylish Canadian blogger/vlogger living in Britain with her boyfriend Aslan and their dog Reggie, Estee's vlogs have a real family vibe. Her vlogs always bring me so much joy... She's super chatty and friendly to her audience, whilst maintaining a lovely home and office-space within it. She's always doing something cool or otherwise just busy being a generally happy person. Estee is basically the embodiment of #lifegoals for me.

Louise at A Sprinkle Of Glitter
Louise is a vlogger you've already heard of, I would hope! I've been following Louise for a long time, long enough to see her baby daughter, Darcy, grow up. Darcy is often the main focus of Louise's blog, which for me isn't a problem at all as I love to see how she's getting on! Louise herself always strives to be better and is very motivational. She always tries to see the positive side of things, no matter what the hardship. She, like the other bloggers I've mentioned so far, is very into beauty and makeup, too.


Suzie at Hello October
I'm really liking Suzie's blog at the moment, with its white backgrounds, interesting content and style, but I haven't yet become obsessed by her YouTube channel. I think I prefer her written words at the moment, especially combined with the amazing photography she uploads on there - whether it's of the stunning views of Barcelona or just her makeup collection, it's always exquisite. Boy, can I appreciate a good photo!

Becky at Milk Bubble Tea
So far Becky is the only blogger whose face hasn't made it onto my blog, but, in all honesty, it doesn't often make it onto hers! Becky's posts are usually about her favourite things: cool drinks, tips for the home, beauty favourites and the like. So far, I don't think I've seen Becky do a fashion post. I found her on Instagram one day, and I'm really glad I did. Again, her photography and the white-background style of her blog is to die for (I think I must have a blogging "type"). Her blogs are nearly always brief, but always enjoyable.

Before you do anything else (other than admire her beaaautiful hair!) follow this lady's Instagram @hayleighjm! In my opinion, Hayleigh is one of the most style-conscious, beautiful girls I've come across in a while, and, in time, I feel like her blog will become a huge hit! Her posts, as you may have gathered, are mainly fashion based, and oh my she has such great style. She really knows what looks good on her. She does make YouTube videos, but they are very irregular.


Maria at Inspired Elegance
Apologies for not giving you Maria's face, but I just wanted to show you how wonderful her photography skills are! All the items in this photo and yet it still doesn't look like a shambles... I don't know how she does it. I met Maria through a friend even though we went to the same college and were even in the same form before we noticed each other. Now I go out for drinks with Maria quite regularly and she's such a lovely person. I think this comes across in her blogs as her follower count is going up quite rapidly - not surprising really. She keeps her posts short and sweet, and her main inspiration is Tanya Burr. As you will expect, Maria is into beauty and fashion related items. She's the only one I get myself over to Wordpress for! I'm also enjoying her newly-created YouTube channel.

Liv/Grace at Liv Likes Pugs
Although I first met her at college as Liv, she now goes by the name of Grace, her middle name. To me, Liv/Grace's blog is really pretty and I really like how you can see so much content at once due to the font size etc. She writes really well and has a lot of potential. She tackles some really important topics sometimes, but still knows how to have fun!

That's all for now, folks (haha)
I hope you've enjoyed the recommendations! Feel free to let me know in the comments who your favourite bloggers are. Please keep your eyes peeled for some favourite products soon, once I've done trying them.

Meaghan x

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  1. You gem! I love your blog and I am constantly re-visiting it to see what you've posted recently, seriously keep at it! xo