Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Game of Thrones Theories // Predictions up to Season 8!

Hello, and welcome back to the stream of consciousness that I like to call my blog. I have been obsessed with Game of Thrones for a couple of years now - it's the only TV programme I could happily watch all day every day. Some days, I do, or I watch countless theory videos online. I wanted to share with you now some of my favourite theories, plus a few of my own.

Euron Greyjoy is responsible for burning Daenerys' ships in Mereen. I don't think that Tyrion was right about who really burnt Daenerys' ships. He assumed it was related to the Sons of the Harpy and this whole slavery business - but now that Euron Greyjoy back in the Iron Islands has filled us in on his plan to take his ships to Daenerys, it's got me thinking that maybe he burned her fleet to be certain that she would need his.

Bran will, for whatever reason, go back and visit Ned Stark's death via greensight. This theory came about when people were watching Season 1, and noticed a weird calmness come over Ned when he looks over to a certain area - an area where Arya was standing previously until she made the decision to move closer to Ned. Because of this, many people assume he was looking for Arya, but what if Ned was actually seeing Bran? We definitely felt a strong 'psychic' connection between those two in the Tower of Joy flashback.

Bran will be the one to tell Jon Snow his true parentage after accessing a memory in the weirwood tree, and maybe this is why Bran goes back to visit Ned Stark before he dies. Maybe Bran tells Ned that it's okay, that Jon knows who he is now, and that's the reason why that calmness comes over Ned. I also think that Bran will tell Jon this via warging, as I am not expecting those two characters to meet in person again, maybe not until the last episode when Bran is possibly the new Bloodraven.

Sansa and Jon will have to save Ramsay Bolton in the Snowbowl. If you listen carefully in S6 E5 'The Door', Sansa says to Jon, "A monster has taken over Winterfell and taken our brother. Let's go save them both." THEM BOTH. Many assume that Sansa was talking about saving Winterfell and Rickon, but maybe it was an insinuation that they will have to save Rickon and Ramsay, rather than Winterfell. Maybe the white walkers come down just as the Snowbowl is taking place, and the Starks will have to abandon their fight with Ramsay to face the larger threat. After all, we know that Jon Snow doesn't seem that hell-bent on killing Ramsay.

Ramsay Bolton is almost invincible. George R. R. Martin has been quoted as to say that his characters largely die as a result of something they love - "love destroys us every time". E.g: Jon Snow dies as a direct result of meeting Ygritte because his love for her teaches him sympathy for the Wildlings, which in turn makes him enemies within the Night's Watch. Ramsay Bolton, however, has destroyed his family, and barely flinched when his girlfriend Myranda died. What is left for him to love? Will the absence of it protect him from death a little longer?

The united Dothraki armies will drown attempting to cross the Narrow Sea to Westeros. This is a theory that came about because Daenerys closely resembles Genghis Khan as a leader (if Genghis Khan was a bad-ass female with dragons). No but seriously, if Daenerys is Genghis Khan then the Dothraki resemble the Mongols. If you are familiar with the history then you will know that a large amount of Mongols died in the sea when they were attempting to reach Japan. This would certainly be a great explanation of why the Dothraki are so superstitious about the water - it would make for great foreshadowing. Of course, Daenerys herself will not neccessarily die during this attempt, as she could cross with a dragon.

THE WALL WILL BE DESTROYED. Because you know, there is no way that great big thing isn't coming down. It's Game of Thrones.

Jorah will kill Daenerys. This derives from the Azor Ahai theory that he tempered his blade Lightbringer by sacrificing his strong, brave wife. Firstly, if Jorah manages to cure himself, Daenerys may actually marry him. She wants him "by her side". And who better to temper Lightbringer than the strongest woman in the Seven Kingdoms? Of course, Jorah might not be the Azor Ahai, but he may have to sacrifice her FOR the true Azor Ahai, Jon Snow. After all, Jon's sword Longclaw was originally JORAH'S.

Essos and Westeros are connected geographically. This way, Jon could be King in the North, or maybe King of Westeros, and Daenerys could be Queen in the East, where she has made most of an impact. (If she isn't killed first).

I am not going to claim to have any idea who is going to win the Game of Thrones. But whoever wins won't win for long. They'll probably have their split second of glory and then someone will kill them, starting the Game of Thrones all over again. Because isn't that what always happens?

Another personal opinion of mine is that somewhere, Benjen Stark still exists.