Thursday, 2 July 2015

\\ June 2015 Favourites and Updates! //

June, for me, marked the end of exams and gave me a lot of free time. What did I do with it? Not much, obviously. I've spent most of my time on:

  1. Pretty Little Liars. My sister and I are both pretty much addicted, and we've got to the middle of Season 2 within a week. My favourite character is Aria (I have a teensy crush on Lucy Hale), but as much as I love Mr. Fitz, my favourite couple would have to be Hanna and Caleb. I'm getting a not-so-good feeling about Spencer. Notice how she's the only one who ever sends the S.O.S message? Hmm.
  2. Reading. Although I didn't read any outstanding books this month, I am glad that I got back into reading in general. I've read The House of Silk and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and I'm about to finish The Ocean at the End of the Lane (click here to see my Reading List).
  3. Partying! I've had to miss out on one particularly exciting event due to lack of funds, but hopefully that won't happen again after I'm paid! However, going out so much over the past few months has affected my music taste quite a lot. I'm usually a bit of a rock/alternative chick, but I am liking more of the 'club' music; such as Cheerleader and King and all that. Especially Poison by Rita Ora and basically Nicki Minaj's entire discography (don't judge me).
  4. Orange Is The New Black. I'm on Season 2 of this, too. I pretty much love every character, except for maybe Piper; I don't think I'd miss her if she wasn't there.

So, the apprenticeship I was going for got cancelled. Outwardly that seems quite negative, but actually I'm quite relieved because recently I got a part-time job as a barmaid at my local Wetherspoons. It's all looking really positive. I've had my induction and I start tomorrow! I'm petrified. But at least the fact that the apprenticeship fell through gives me time to decide what I want, and to spend a bit more time in my new job before I come to any decision about my future. They've kindly let me have my holidays off, so Centreparcs this month will still be going ahead and I'm really excited about that!

Which reminds me, I have some online exams to do! Thanks for reading.

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