Thursday, 21 January 2016

Moving Into 2016 // Goals For The Year

Hey ladies and gents! Due to the nature of my job, I haven't been able to post as much as I would like over the Christmas/new year period (and then, of course, my free time is spent with my family and boyfriend, or on book reviews that I'm obligated to write) - and that's okay, because I'm straight back now that things have quieted down a little. In case you missed it, I did find time to write a short 2016 goals post over at, and thought I would do something of the same kind here on To Blog Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.

  1. In 2015, I joined #TheGirlGang (post about that here), and so far it has had a big influence on me. I made time to take part in the Twitter chats, which are invaluable to me, and as a result of that I now have three pen pals in the forms of @beingleahbrogan, @whtlrblggdnxt and @whitnxy. My last first letter is going out today, ooh! My first goal is to write as regularly as possible to all three.
  2. My second goal is to meet up with some other #TheGirlGang members. I'm in luck there, because there is some talk of me going to a certain lunch with some other East Midlands bloggers in February!
  3. Big goal - I would like to finally succeed in finding myself an apprenticeship. I've been searching for over a year, so fingers crossed it happens for me soon. 
  4. I want to make regular posts on my blog. In the past I have posted as and when I felt like it, but although that approach is more relaxed, I want to start making more of an effort with my blog, advertising it a lot more and whatnot.
  5. Another big goal - I want to pass my driving test in the next few months. I am getting minimal driving lessons at the moment as my instructor is in such demand and there have been a few miscommunications, but it always helps to stay positive about big things like that.
  6. By the time I'm 20 (January 2017) I want to move out of my dad & his fiancee's new place. I'm happy they're happy, but it's really time I moved on. I'm not sure it will happen as soon as I want it to, but it can't hurt to give myself a time frame and work towards it - it'll only mean I'm more prepared when it finally does happen.
  7. I used to love learning Italian and I don't quite understand why I stopped using the Duolingo app. This is another thing I need to get back into, as I would like to know a substantial amount of Italian before I head over there.
  8. In 2015, I read 23 books, missing my goal by a total of 2. This year I want to really step it up and read 26 in 2016, whilst continuing to write reviews for authors and publishing houses. I'm going to aim for 10 reviews, but hopefully I will exceed that.
  9. For those of you who don't know, I used to make silly vlogs with my friend Paige, so I am no stranger to the likes of YouTube. Although I love to blog and write reviews on Goodreads and whatnot, I've always liked the idea of getting back in front of the camera and heading on over to booktube. (Watch this space!)
  10. Obviously, I want to spend more time with my friends, my mum and my boyfriend. As I don't live with any of these three groups of people, they are the ones I really need to make more time for.
  11. In 2015 I joined the Of Tomes Publishing street team (which means I show my followers cool extracts and new covers on their behalf - kind of like free advertising). I am happy to be associated with them as I respect and admire the founder - Benjamin - a great deal. I bought my first Of Tomes paperback this year and I hope to continue to support them as they grow!
  12. I aim never to have less than £100 in usable money. (i.e. Meaghan, don't spend everything in your current account!).
What are your 2016 goals?

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