Monday, 7 December 2015

#GirlGang & Why I'm A Member

I'm sure by now that most of you reading will have heard about Dorkface's new blogging community, the #GirlGang. Jemma's idea, to bring together bloggers to support each other and each other's blogs through weekly Twitter chats, 'club' newsletters and even a merchandise store, was simply so beautiful and original that I had to give it a go. I signed up, thinking - if I'm brutally honest - that it would just be another passing fancy of mine that I go back to now and again. Little did I know how rewarding it would feel or how much it would benefit me!

It's been just over a week since I've signed up, and I already feel better in myself. Before, I used my Twitter account fleetingly (I'd guess I posted about three times a week) but I've found a purpose for it again in the #GirlGang chats. If you're having a bad day there's so much love and support, and so many new people to meet. Company is definitely something I've needed more of recently, especially on days when my other half is working and I don't have work again for a week. My hours are poor lately, and it really gets me down sometimes. But instead of letting myself feel crap and suffering in silence, I've allowed myself to tell the world I feel that way. I've only had great responses from people who are so kind, and that I have lots in common with. Twitter hasn't felt like this much of a community tool since I started my account in 2011 as a Vampire Diaries fanbase (bet you didn't know that about me haha).

Today was a #GirlGang chat day. I missed last week's and really wanted to participate in this one. I set my alarm for the beginning of the chat, but then had a spot of bad news. Someone close to me was really down, and it started to make me feel so anxious and upset, so I left Twitter abruptly. The other girls made sure I was okay, and let me know they're there if I need them. I don't usually post publically about my anxiety, so the support really made a difference to me. All in all it's been a really positive experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone who needs an extra hand with blogging, motivation, or just a friendly chat to look forward to.

And thanks to the other #GirlGang members for being so wonderful and proving that this is nothing superficial. You're all ace.

You can follow me on Twitter @meaghanbethany❤.


  1. I love the support and positivity of the #girlgang and this is exactly what is needed. Great way to meant other bloggers too xx

    1. Glad it's working for you too, Kirsty xx