Thursday, 17 December 2015

DIY Christmas Present Idea // For Acquaintances & Friends

Even though I now live with my step-brothers (it's easier to call them that than 'my dad's fiancée's sons), I still find that I know very little about them. This made finding them a Christmas present extremely difficult, and I couldn't really think of anything other than sweets or Star Wars memorabilia! In the end, my little sister and I teamed up, and combined both ideas! She went to a swanky new sweet shop in Derby and bought ready-made bottles full to the brim with sweets, while I went for a slightly more DIY approach.

I had been to my go-to place for DIY goodies earlier on in the week to buy some gorgeous Christmas themed ribbons (some red with gingerbread men on, some blue with snowflakes, and other lovely decorations), and decided to return there to try and find a couple of jars. Fortunately, I found a couple that were the perfect size! I then dragged myself out of the shop in fear of never leaving the Christmas aisle and headed to Superdrug, who are doing amazing deals on Heroes and Celebrations this Christmas. I picked several boxes up in various sizes; as many as I thought would be enough to fill the jars.

My sister and I were lucky because the chocolates fit exactly as we wanted them to. She had gone through a meticulous process of counting how many of each chocolate there were (how many Snickers, how many Galaxys etc.) and putting them in accordingly. Then came the time for the decoration. I allowed her to choose from my Christmas-themed ribbons and we both came to the conclusion that there would be a red, green, and white colour scheme. At my request, she tied the ribbons into bow-ties around the jars and they look super cute. It was a very rainy day when we did this, and the first time I'd seen my sister in ages, so I enjoyed myself a lot.

Then, we decided we needed to personalise them. To do this, I used my Christmas gift tags - I noticed that a couple of the designs were decopage, so I could just rip off one layer of the gift tag (gently, of course, as not to cause damage to the layer underneath) and attach it to the jar, just beneath the bow-tie. This idea worked perfectly, too. Once complete, we then placed the jars, along with my sisters ready-wrapped sweet bottles, into a Star Wars bag for the boys. We attached the bottom layer of the gift tag I mentioned earlier, onto the bag and wrote them a little message. I'm really happy with the finished result!


Are you looking for a thoughtful idea for an acquaintance or friend, or someone you don't know that well yet? This idea is perfect! Please do let me know if you attempt it.

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