Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist! // For My New Home

Inspired by everyone else's Christmas wishlists, I thought I would write my own. I'm writing this post using the Blogger app on my tablet (as our computer isn't fully functioning yet), so please excuse the lack of lovely collages everyone has been making!

Having moved into a new house within the past week, there are lots of things I want for my new room or have realised I'm in need of. Some are big, electronic things that I will be saving up for myself (if only Santa would bring things like that haha) but others are smaller things that perhaps you could use as inspiration for your Christmas gifting.

1. A new camera, so I can take more professional-looking photos for my blog, and hopefully attract more readers. Plus I love photography! I haven't got my eye on a specific one, but I've always been fonder of Canons.

2. A games console (PS4 or XBone - I still haven't decided!). There is a severe lack of entertainment in the house at the moment as we're so recently moved in, but hopefully once my TV is up in my room I can buy a games console.

3. The Game of Thrones graphic novels. This is one of the only things I've actually asked for this Christmas. My Grandpa has a long-standing tradition of buying me really awesome books/series for Christmas, so when he asked me what I'd like, I pointed him in the GoT graphic novels. I already own some of George R. R. Martin's books, but I tend to find I make it through graphic novels a lot quicker.

4. My favourite perfume, Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears. I've been without my fave perfume for about a year now (I was using one called Alex instead), but happily my mum bought me Midnight Fantasy early and I'm still loving it.

5. #GirlGang merchandise. I've really embraced the #GirlGang recently, as you can probably tell from my last post. Although I'm not usually a girly person; I'm actually a bit of a tomboy; I'm enjoying the girl power attitude that's been around lately, especially on Twitter. I am loving the #GirlGang mug and tee (both available at

6. Don Broco merchandise! I went to see them at Rock City last night but wasn't able to grab any! They have a fabulous tea brand called Don Brew Co (haha get it?) and it would be great to own something from it, as I am on such a massive tea kick anyway. I will also be needing their album Automatic for when I'm driving around in my car (that I don't own yet either).

7. Game of Thrones Monopoly. My boyfriend and I didn't even know such a thing existed until we went into Waterstones last week, and we were immediately intrigued. You have to be over 18 to play it and we need to know why :'). He's asked for it as one of his Christmas presents, so I'll be able to play it before too long! I'm excited!

8. Some new duvet covers and bedding. At the moment my bed sheets are black, whereas the walls are a creamy-white and my displays are colourful. It doesn't really go, so I need some new ones when I can!

9. Kylie Jenner lip kit. Wouldn't all girls everywhere really love this idea? They're sold out at the moment (unsurprisingly) but I can't wait to get my hands on one, or 500.

10. Prints and posters! My bedroom walls are still looking a bit bare at the moment, so I feel the need to inject some life into them. I'm thinking a nice black and white framed quote over my bed. Aahhhh.

11. A new laptop. My old one is well and truly dead, and I'm going to need one if I want to get where I want to be in the blogging community. It's such a terrible thing to be without; I miss sitting on my bed with the keys under my fingers instead of just tapping a tablet screen.

What are you hoping for this Christmas? Leave a comment and your blog links below; I'm loving reading Christmassy posts at the minute!

Meaghan x

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