Thursday, 26 November 2015

Winter Wardrobe // Shopping for Petite Girls!

With Christmas less than a month away and moving day even sooner, I decided now is the time to get rid of some old seldom-worn garments and replace them with winter-appropriate things I'm going to love! However, shopping, especially online where you can't try clothes on, can prove challenging for the vertically-challenged. Throughout this post I will be imparting some wisdom on how to shop for someone who, like me, stands around 5 feet tall. Most of my tips are common-sensical, but there may be some ideas you've never even thought of or overlooked.

Firstly, as with all online shopping, have a good look around on different sites at what you've added to your wishlists. Once you've found an item you particularly like, read the information about the product. Most sites will tell you how tall the model wearing the item is. Let's assume you're a size 8: if the model is over 5 inches taller than you and wearing a size 8, there's a good chance it might be a bit too long. Have a look and see if there's a size smaller - a size 6 or an XS. If not, and you're not willing to risk paying for something that may not fit, remove it from your wishlist to stop clutter! I would say though, if you're not in any hurry for a garment and the site has a good returns policy (such as Asos), there's no harm in ordering it as you're definitely going to get your money back.

The best case scenario for short girls though, is to find a site that focuses entirely on petite clothing (not sites like Asos which only have a petite section). One of my favourite sites is Sweet Mayhem (@shopsweetmayhem on Insta), whose only model is 5'0 like me. If something fits her perfectly, I know it's going to fit me! The only downside is that the store is based in America, so it takes a little bit longer for the clothes to arrive. In my experience, maybe about a week and a half to two weeks. But it's worth it when they arrive! Also, you're paying in dollars, so even with the cost of shipping, most of the time it's cheaper than paying for same-quality clothing from England. I recently bought their Madeline Lace Trim Sweater ($23.99), along with the lace tights that accompany it in the photo below. The jumper fits me perfectly and is looking set to become a favourite! It's so easy to style.

Sweater paws make me so happy.

Sticking with the wine/burgundy theme, I then headed across to In The Style, where I purchased their Natalia Dress with Cut-Out Sides (£19.99). It's just been delivered today and I couldn't be happier with it. The material clings to me beautifully, it's low-cut but classy, and my booty look good. The criteria for a perfect dress, really. I've paired it with a black faux fur gilet (£25.00) from Stephanie Pratt's collection at Missy Empire. This combo will be great for any fancy Christmas dinners/parties I'm going to. Definitely dressing to impress this Christmas!

I was just giving up on finding a suitable winter coat when I found one on the high street. It's not a perfect length for me; hardly anything is; but it keeps me cosy and warm. I got my khaki coat with a faux fur hood from The Factory Shop for £30.00. A few days after, I got some knee-high pleather boots from Shoe Zone (£19.99) which make me feel really comfortable in my own skin. Together, they feel good! However, if I'm going somewhere where a bit of a heel is required, I'll pair it with my gold-toe-capped boots from Peacocks (£30.00) instead.

Nail polish featured: Maybelline Colour Show in Downtown Red.
Lip colour featured: Max Factor Lipfinity in #110 Passionate.

And that's my Christmas style, guys! What are you wearing this winter?

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