Friday, 31 July 2015

\\ I'm an ENFP Personality! //

A while back, I discovered the 16 Personalities site, where you can take a free online test to identify your personality type. I came across the link to the site on my Facebook feed, and thought it would be another one of those rubbish 'Which Friends Character Are You?' things, but it turns out the research is based on an actual psychological theory by Carl Jung. The test, called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test (or MBTI for short), takes about ten minutes, and consists of simple questions such as 'You find it easy to introduce yourself to other people, agree or disagree?' You don't have to sign up or register, and the whole thing takes about ten minutes. When you're done, you'll be amazed how accurate the results are.

You will be identified as one of sixteen personality types, hence the site name, and there will be reams of information waiting for you upon completion about what it means. I, for instance, am an ENFP personality type - Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceptive. Referred to as "The Campaigner" personality type, this means I have hippy-esque traits, and largely, I go against the grain. What amazed me most was, when my family members took the test, they all got different personality types. My dad, interestingly, is a "Sentinel," the type that values tradition, order, and loyalty over all things.

According to the data, my strengths include:

  1. Curiosity. "ENFPs want to go out and experience things, and don't hesitate to step out of their comfort zones to do so. ENFPs are imaginative and open-minded, seeing all things as part of a big, mysterious puzzle called life." (Example: my experience with NCS, where I tried every possible activity and loved it.)
  2. Observational skills. "ENFPs believe that there are no irrelevant actions, that every shift in sentiment, every move and every idea is part of something bigger. To satisfy their curiosity, ENFPs try to notice all of these things, and to never miss a moment." (Example: I try to read people a lot, especially those that are close to me. Sometimes I'm wrong, but it shows that I am always trying to understand things.)
  3. Energy and enthusiasm. "As they observe, forming new connections and ideas, ENFPs won't hold their tongues – they're excited about their findings, and share them with anyone who'll listen. This infectious enthusiasm has the dual benefit of giving ENFPs a chance to make more social connections, and of giving them a new source of information and experience." (Example: This blog post!)
  4. Excellent communication skills. "It's a good thing that ENFPs have such strong people skills, or they'd never express these ideas. ENFPs enjoy both small talk and deep, meaningful conversations, which are just two sides of the same coin for them, and are adept at steering conversations towards their desired subjects in ways that feel completely natural and unforced." (I could talk for hours with someone I care about. Sometimes I don't care about the topic, it's enough to just be spending time with a person.)
  5. You know how to relax. "People with this personality type know that sometimes, nothing is as important as simply having fun and experiencing life's joys. Wild bursts of enthusiastic energy can surprise even their closest friends." (I love to relax, I pretty much do nothing else. Whereas my sister is really preppy, studious, organised and just generally together, I leave things until the last minute and usually suffer as a result.)
  6. Friendly. "All this adaptability and spontaneity comes together to form a person who is approachable, interesting and exciting, with a cooperative and altruistic spirit and friendly, empathetic disposition."

I mean, those traits are like a blogger personified - how can I argue with them? It's evident that this research is founded on something good! Ordinarily, I wouldn't call myself an energetic person, but I am enthusiastic when it comes to things I really want to happen. As for my weaknesses...
  1. Poor practical skills. "When it comes to conceiving ideas and starting projects, especially involving other people, ENFPs have exceptional talent. Unfortunately their skill with upkeep and follow-through on those projects struggles. Without more hands-on people to help push things along, ENFPs' ideas are likely to remain just that – ideas. (Example: I hated practical subjects at school, and I've always enjoyed more literary pursuits, where my ideas can be put onto paper, and not constructed into some type of physical thing like a wooden stereo.)
  2. Find it difficult to focus. "ENFPs are natural explorers of interpersonal connections and philosophy, but this backfires when what needs to be done is that report sitting right in front of them. It's hard for ENFPs to maintain interest." (If it doesn't interest me, I won't pay attention. I'd rather be in my own head.)
  3. Overthinking. "ENFPs look for underlying motives in even the simplest things. It's not uncommon for ENFPs to lose a bit of sleep asking themselves why someone did what they did, what it might mean, and what to do about it." (See point 2 of Strengths.)
  4. Get stressed easily. "ENFPs are very sensitive, and care deeply about others' feelings. A consequence of their popularity is that others often look to them for guidance and help, which takes time, and it's easy to see why ENFPs sometimes get overwhelmed, especially when they can't say yes to every request." (I experienced this at college. The times when I got most emotional were when I had to let someone down or say no to them.)
  5. Highly emotional. "ENFPs view emotion as a core part of their identity. It can come out strongly enough to cause problems for this personality type; particularly when under stress, criticism or conflict, ENFPs can experience emotional bursts that are counter-productive at best." 
  6. Independent to a fault. "ENFPs loathe being micromanaged and restrained by heavy-handed rules – they want to be seen as highly independent masters of their own fates, even possessors of an altruistic wisdom that goes beyond draconian law. The challenge for ENFPs is that they live in a world of checks and balances, a pill they are not happy to swallow."
Well, you only have to read my political posts to see the last two points are true. Someday, it turns out, these traits might help or hinder me in my career (and the same goes for you). Some companies are already using the test, or a similar version, to see what kind of employee you would be. According to the research, my traits mean I am more likely to pursue a career as a Musician, Journalist, Marketing Consultant, Advertising Director, Teacher of Music or Drama, or Photographer. Most of which I have considered in the past, and some of which I am currently pursuing. Kind of amazing.

One day, it could even help people resolve differences. Apparently, my personality type makes up around 7-8% of the population, and that's a lot of people to bring around to your way of thinking. Knowing each others' strengths and weaknesses means you can empathise and compromise, and that's what I believe is most valuable about this information. So take the test, you might even learn something about yourself! More and more people know which personality type they are! For example, YouTuber Hannah Witton is a fellow ENFP!

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

\\ July 2015 Favourites & Updates! //

July has been a month of ups and downs. But, before we get onto the serious stuff, let me write a list of all the things that were great about this month.

  1. My Centre Parcs holiday with my best friends & boyfriend
  2. It's been a month since I've started working as a barmaid/waitress at Wetherspoon's and I'm really proud of how much I've learned!
  3. My first day shifts meant my nights could be spent settling back on the sofa with a takeaway, some booze, and Pretty Little Liars with my sister. Until my night shifts start tomorrow, that is.
  4. As above, only replace PLL with Hector and the Search For Happiness. This was added to Netflix recently, and seeing as I love Simon Pegg films such as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, it wasn't one I was prepared to miss! I wasn't disappointed. It really made me think about what's important in life. So basically Walter Mitty, except better and without the fancy cinematography. Normally I don't like Rosamund Pike as an actress, but I have to admit she was a perfect choice for Clara.
  5. I only started reading The Gospel of Loki yesterday, but I'm loving it already! (You'll definitely see that in a future review)
  6. I finally finished The Lord of the Rings trilogy - it's taken me a year, on and off - and I'm finally okay with the fact that Éowyn and Aragorn aren't together. Bloody Arwen. Okay maybe there's still some bitterness there, but I'll get over it.

My mum's condition has worsened. In a previous post I mentioned how the hospital team were testing out their new 'Recovery Hub' for patients with mental health disorders, but since then it has been agreed that my mum's case is too severe to be solely treated by this. Hence, she's been admitted into hospital for the forseeable future. This has been heartbreaking for me as my mum hasn't relapsed since I was eight years old, and it's painful for me to see her like this. I'm a bit reluctant to see her in that condition (and in that place again) but... my maternal grandmother is now in hospital, too, as she has broken her hip. Neither of them have any other family in this county (besides me and my sister) and, as I'm the eldest relative, visitations have become solely my responsibility. In truth I feel guilty that I haven't visited yet, but I feel like it's a lot of weight on my shoulders, especially when I'm not sure I can be a rock to either of them yet.

Also there's still no apprenticeship on the horizon, after months of trying! Well, I guess I'll have to try harder. But on the bright side of things I'm off to Harry Potter World with my boyfriend next week, so that's exciting! I've never been before, or heard much about it, so if someone could fill me in on what to expect, that would be great!

Thank you for reading,

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Six Other Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald // Book Review

After reading Gatsby, I needed another Fitzgerald fix, so I picked up two more of his books: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Six Other Stories, which I'll be talking about today, but also The Beautiful And Damned, which I am yet to read. We all know how I feel about Fitzgerald, don't we? The man wrote Gatsby, the most exquisitely-written book of all time, for God's sake. But sadly, we're going to have to put my affection for the man aside for the duration of this book review.

These short stories were not what I expected. Most of them are set just around or just after wartime in America, when the country, despite everything, was quite affluent; and glamour and consumerism prevailed. Although I loved and continue to love the way Fitzgerald writes about wealth, love, indecisiveness and even women, I could not relate to the setting at all and I think this was my main obstacle. If I could have looked past that, maybe I would have enjoyed the stories. In reality, I couldn't understand the contextual irony or humour. Fitzgerald wrote anecdotes about the wealthy living in the Jazz Age, but I don't think his writing translated so that an eighteen year old girl - who knows next to nothing about late 1800s-early 1900s - living in the modern age, could comprehend all the little digs. In the same way that some people in my AS English Lit class couldn't understand the humour of Oscar Wilde in The Importance of Being Earnest. I would compare it to that. Unless I did understand it and it just didn't work for me.

I have scoured the internet for the reviews of other people who have read these stories, in the hopes that they could shed some light on exactly what meant by them; but it doesn't appear to be an edition that is widely read. In the review I managed to find, the author said she enjoyed the title story and Head and Shoulders best, although that was one of the stories I particularly disliked. I get that the ending was ironic, with a kind of role-reversal within the couple, but I just thought it was forgettable and kind of a rubbish story. Out of all seven, my favourite was probably The Cut-Glass Bowl, but I wouldn't recommend it. In my opinion, it was just the best of a bad bunch. However, in Fitzgerald's defence, I prefer first-person writing, whereas all of these stories were in third person. I don't know, I just prefer a consciousness and being able to get into the narrator's thoughts more. I don't like being on the outside looking in, as it were.

Even through the blandness of the stories, I still found myself admiring good old Fitzgerald and the way he writes women. In many ways, they are flawed: bossy, demanding, indecisive and even selfish. But Fitzgerald somehow makes the reader ignore the negative attributes, or see the beauty in them, so that they become endearing. In his stories, the women are still beautiful creatures to be envied and sought after. I can't explain how he does that, and it is one of my favourite things about him. That still existed in this book as much as it did in GatsbySo, to conclude, I would just like to say that this review is not a reflection of Fitzgerald or a critique of his writing style. What happened here was that, as a reader, I just didn't get it, but if you're a fan of really simple anecdotes and you enjoy third-person writing, this might be one for you. 

Rating: 1/5 stars.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Six Other Stories is the 10th book I've read this year. To see my progress, become my friend on Goodreads, or for more reviews, see my book review page

Sunday, 26 July 2015

\\ My Scrapbook Inventory! //

I can never go too long without writing a big ol' list... and today's is going to be a (massive) inventory of what's in my scrapbook so far! Who knows, you might even find out something you didn't know about me!

My scrapbook, called 'A Few of My Favourite Things' was given to me by my Grandma when I was eleven years old  (that's seven years of acquiring to get through)! It is landscape-orientated with hundreds of A4-sized pages - that's plenty of room for all my bits and bobs! I am quite sentimental and I love to keep little things. I haven't been too fussed about the presentation so far, but after reading Grace's post about how she plans to keep her scrapbook looking lovely, I definitely aspire to find some pretty little extras for it soon! I keep mine in unchronological order, because I like to be surprised by what's on the next page when I come back to re-read it (see, there's a method in my madness).

  • 1 flyer from a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, signed by one of the actors (thanks, Marlon, but I don't remember you)
  • A postcard from my primary school congratulating me on my 'calm, efficient, mature manner' during Science week
  • Various postcards from an old pen-pal
  • Multiple pictures of Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner (I went through a phase, okay)
  • 1 flyer and 1 ticket from the Da Vinci Exhibition at The Museum of Science and Industry
  • Cinema tickets to: Race To Witch Mountain (2009), The Lovely Bones (2010) and New Moon (2010), High School Musical 3 (2008), Inkheart (2009), Hannah Montana (2009), Indiana Jones (2008), Prince Caspian (2008), The Last Days on Mars (2014), Divergent (2014), Interstellar (2014), Now You See Me (2013), Monsters University (2013), If I Stay (2014), War Horse (2012), Gnomeo and Juliet (2011), Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011), Battleship (2012), Rock of Ages (2012), Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), The Woman In Black 2 (2015), The Fault in Our Stars (2014) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)
  • Various train tickets from journeys to see my Great Grandparents, mostly
  • Theatre tickets from: James and the Giant Peach (The Octagon, 2007), Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (2004), The Pied Piper (2005), Dick Whittington and His Cat (2006), Copacabana (2008), Equus (New Vic Theatre, 2012), and Twelfth Night (Crucible Theatre, 2014)
  • 1 ticket to see The Chinese State Circus (The Lowry, 2005)
  • A flyer from my friend's Baptismal Service
  • A ticket from the Manchester Eye
  • Flyers from productions of Sleeping Beauty, Puss In Boots and Arabian Nights
  • Invites to several birthday parties
  • A newspaper cut-out of me and my primary school classmates planting trees in 2006
  • An ID badge from Film Club that I used to attend at secondary school
  • A poker chip my dad brought me back from one of Marco Pierre White's restaurants
  • 1 ticket to see JLS at Sheffield Arena (2011)
  • A receipt from the library documenting that I'd returned The Catcher in the Rye (I absolutely hated that book)
  • An (accidentally) torn ticket to see Black Veil Brides at Rock City (2013)
  • An album flyer signed by The Smoking Hearts members Ben and James
  • My first ever scratchcard
  • My first year ID pass for Derby College
  • A flyer and 1 ticket to Derren Brown's Infamous (Theatre Royal, 2014)
  • 1 ticket to Lee Evans' Monsters (Capital FM Arena, Notts, 2014)
  • A note from my Grandad, who sadly passed away last year
  • 1 ticket to 'Planets' at The National Space Centre (2008)
  • 1 love-letter (ooh, mysterious)
  • A flyer from The National Citizen Service which I completed last year
  • Jill Scott's autograph (ex-Midfielder for the England Ladies' squad)
  • A note from my Mum
  • A painting of the Chinese translation of my name (Mei-gen) as well as some fancy calligraphy
  • 1 ticket to the Christmas Ice Rink at Derby (2014)
  • 1 ticket to Asking Alexandria at Rock City (2014)
  • 1 ticket to Halestorm at Rock City (2014)
  • 1 ticket to You Me At Six and All Time Low's co-headline tour (Genting Arena, 2015)
  • A letter from the British Heart Foundation thanking me for volunteering
  • A note from my boyfriend 'Dec is a bae'
  • 1 ticket to The Hobbit: The Five Armies in the Director's Lounge
  • 1 'You've Passed Your GCSE Exams' card
  • A card/letter from my Year 11 form tutor who passed away this year

At the moment it's just over half-way full, but I intend to keep collecting and sprucing it up. It's surprised me that I don't have any recent photographs in there! What do you keep in your scrapbook? 

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Outfit of the Week // Lace Bralet and Patterned Skirt

From my Instagram account, @meaghanbethany

Being paid weekly has it's benefits; mainly that when I'm in need of a bit of retail therapy (as I have been recently), I'm never too short of money. I bought this lace bralet from Asos at the reduced price of £11.00 early in the month in anticipation of my holiday to Center Parcs, which has since been and gone. However, I've still found time to wear it - for example, to the music festival that occurred in my hometown this week. It's a very flattering shape; but as you can see, it's a tad low-cut. Usually, I don't wear it on it's own, I pair it with a kimono so I can cover up if I want to. You don't want the wrong kind of attention.

I had to go into Derby this week in order to catch up with a couple of friends, and with one of them I decided to do a bit of shopping. In H&M I found the gorgeous statement skirt you can see above. Again, it's a very flattering shape with a classy cut just above the knee. It's not something I'd ordinarily buy, but at £12.99, and knowing I had the perfect top to go with it, I couldn't resist! It fits me so well, and isn't thin and flimsy like some of my other skirts. It fits me just right - I feel like it just moulds to my body, however I move.

The shoes, however, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with. They were supposed to be worn on nights out on the town, but I soon discovered that walking in them (on pavement) was easier said than done. On one particular night out, I had to beg my friend to swap shoes with me when she left the club. They are sooooo beautiful, but one of the most uncomfortable pair of heels I've ever worn. That said, they make my legs look amazing (when standing still, you understand). They cost me £12.00 from Primark; bringing the total price of the outfit up to £35.99!

Combined, these pieces of clothing make up one of my favourite, and most classy, outfits I've ever owned. Do you shop online, or on the high street? What's your favourite outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

PS. Thanks for over 2,000 views guys, that's mental! ♥♥♥

Monday, 20 July 2015

\\ Couples' Center Parcs Getaway! //

Well, it finally happened! Last Monday my Dad drove me and my boyfriend, Dec, up to Center Parcs Sherwood Forest to meet our friend Harrison, his parents and his girlfriend, Emily, for our triple date holiday! We were too busy enjoying the holiday that we didn't take too many photos. We spent most of our time either swimming (or bobbing in my case) or just chilling or playing poker in the villa. The villa was gorgeous but I wasn't expecting it to be one-storey!

On the first day we went to the massive indoor swimming plaza. As I can't swim, I stayed in the pool that allowed my head to be just above the water, and I didn't try anything really out of my comfort zone - meaning I avoided the 'cooling pool' where you dive in freezing cold water. I also talked myself out of going on 'the rapids' that day, which is basically just a series of slides, some meant for children and some meant for adults. What scared me was the idea that I might be too small for my head to stay above the water at the bottom of the slide. Instead, I tried to follow Dec under the mini waterfall but even that made me feel claustrophobic and I had to fight off a panic attack. The others would go off and do their own thing for a couple of minutes (I wasn't going to stop them having fun) but they'd always come back to the main pool right after and I was never left on my own for long. We all tested out the jacuzzis which were glorious, although when we got back to the villa and experienced a sauna for the first time I wasn't too impressed. The humidity made us all feel a little bit suffocated (and Emily was petrified by the spiders trying to get through the door). On our first night we all played 'guesstures' whilst getting drunk, which is like a better version of charades. I made Sex on the Beach cocktails using my new barmaid knowledge.

On day two we went back to the swimming plaza for another round. Again, I bobbed, but this time the guys persuaded me to try a slide where all four of us would get in a rubber dinghy. It was actually a lot of fun, and it gave me the confidence to try the first level of the dreaded rapids. That was a bit of an embarrassing experience to be honest as I got stuck halfway down with a woman watching me from her deckchair as all the children flew past, swimming. There I was, an eighteen year old girl, trying to shuffle out of the situation and being mugged off by kids. After that we showered (obviously) and got ready for our slap-up meal at Huck's; which was an American-style diner similar to TGI Friday's; but without the amazing decor. The food, however, was just as great. I had a cheeseburger and fries which were both to die for. I wore my new black dress from Asos. I bought it with the money from my first week's wages and it's not to be regretted - I think this is one I'll be keeping for a long time! It's really simple and sleek, and it makes me feel pulled in. I didn't buy it from the petite range like I normally do, so instead it's a little bit long. It looks and feels like a maxi dress - a good maxi dress is hard for me to find, being 5'0! Not to mention I'd had my eye on it for a while, then suddenly it was reduced from £18.00 to £10.50. Craziness. Here we all are looking gorgeous:

Day three was fairly chilled. All four of us had a go together on the rowing boats, where we discovered I am not so good at rowing. At all. After the boys (mostly) took over the the responsibility of rowing, it was really enjoyable and peaceful. Back at the villa we watched a lot of Phineas and Ferb and Supernatural.  I think we might have watched (or rewatched, if you're me or Emily) Rock of Ages. It really is a good film. Good weather had been forecast for Wednesday so Harrison's dad set about getting the BBQ up and running - the food was lovely but I couldn't eat much after the dinner at Huck's the night before!

After the guys had done pretending to be Rose and Jack from The Titanic, us girls went on a lovely late night stroll where I captured my favourite photo of the holiday: the sun setting above the trees on the lake.

Day four was a bit complicated - Dec wasn't there for the start of the day as he had to be driven to an interview - so for the first part of the day I was a bit of a fifth wheel, but I didn't mind that as it meant I could lay on the sofa in my joggers without a care in the world. Later on, when he had rejoined the group, we each had a pre-bowling Jägerbomb and some Kopparbergs, then made our way down to the bowling alley. With it being the last night of our holiday, Dec and I decided to surprise Harrison's parents with some wine and flowers for so kindly taking us. Then... ALCOHOL. The others carried on with shots of Jäger, whereas I had vodka shots. After four, I had never felt so ill... but after a few glasses of water I recovered... and carried on.

Friday was our last day (or morning, as we had to be packed and out of the villa by 10am). Although we were leaving the villa, the suitcases were put in the car and we all stayed in the Parc until midday. During those two hours Harrison, Emily, Dec and I, had a nice breakfast at the Sports Café and milled around in the gift shops. Dec bought a hell of a lot of fudge, and I bought a bookmark and some 'thank you' chocolate for my dad.

On Saturday I was right back to work and that was the end of that! Thank you for sharing the experience with me... it's been very therapeutic to write it all out and remember exactly what happened!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman // Review

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
Winner of Specsaver's Book of the Year and Goodreads' Choice 2013
Themes: magic realism, mortality, childhood, repressed memories, countryside

~contains spoilers~

The Ocean at the End of the Lane has been my first Neil Gaiman reading experience, and I don't know what I was expecting... but it wasn't this. I really wanted to like this book and I know people who speak so highly of it, not to mention that it won so many awards! Not that it wasn't okay, but it wasn't great. It was no Stardust. I think  I have more complaints about it than praise, and when I talk about Ocean to others, I can't help but trivialise it:

"What's it about?""Oh, it's just about this boy who gets a worm stuck in his foot that metamorphosises into an evil nanny."

Okay, so I might have left out an affair, a suicide and some magic realism. But honestly, to me, what little there was didn't atone for the main plot of the book... which I found... lacking. In fact, I found the interview with Neil Gaiman at the end of the book more interesting than the actual book itself. I love that the locations in the book are based on real places in his childhood, and I love that the Hempstock family crop up quite a lot in his books, and are his oldest fabrications. I can understand why so many people admire him; Gaiman was fantastic at getting into the mindset of a child narrator, and recognising the differences in children and adults in a way most of us wouldn't even think about. Some of his ponderings are highly quotable.

"Adults are content to walk the same way, hundreds of times, or thousands; perhaps it never occurs to adults to step off the paths, to creep beneath rhododendrons, to find the spaces between fences." 

I'll say this for it: I liked the narrator's relationship with animals. I don't think adults realise sometimes how attached children really do get to their pets. And I really did like the ending. I'm glad it ended somewhat happily - but still unresolved - with a chance for it to be continued. But overall, I thought the entire book was a bit of a lost opportunity. For the most part, I wouldn't recommend it; particularly not to adults. I can't fathom them enjoying a story about a worm in someone's foot that turns into an evil nanny, but yet I've seen so many adults grant the book five stars on Goodreads! What's that about?

Rating: 2.5 stars - my lowest rating so far this year. In my opinion, completely overrated. I'm slightly disappointed.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is the 9th book I've finished reading this year. View my Reading List, or become my friend on Goodreads, for more book-related posts.

What did you think of the book? Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

\\ June 2015 Favourites and Updates! //

June, for me, marked the end of exams and gave me a lot of free time. What did I do with it? Not much, obviously. I've spent most of my time on:

  1. Pretty Little Liars. My sister and I are both pretty much addicted, and we've got to the middle of Season 2 within a week. My favourite character is Aria (I have a teensy crush on Lucy Hale), but as much as I love Mr. Fitz, my favourite couple would have to be Hanna and Caleb. I'm getting a not-so-good feeling about Spencer. Notice how she's the only one who ever sends the S.O.S message? Hmm.
  2. Reading. Although I didn't read any outstanding books this month, I am glad that I got back into reading in general. I've read The House of Silk and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and I'm about to finish The Ocean at the End of the Lane (click here to see my Reading List).
  3. Partying! I've had to miss out on one particularly exciting event due to lack of funds, but hopefully that won't happen again after I'm paid! However, going out so much over the past few months has affected my music taste quite a lot. I'm usually a bit of a rock/alternative chick, but I am liking more of the 'club' music; such as Cheerleader and King and all that. Especially Poison by Rita Ora and basically Nicki Minaj's entire discography (don't judge me).
  4. Orange Is The New Black. I'm on Season 2 of this, too. I pretty much love every character, except for maybe Piper; I don't think I'd miss her if she wasn't there.

So, the apprenticeship I was going for got cancelled. Outwardly that seems quite negative, but actually I'm quite relieved because recently I got a part-time job as a barmaid at my local Wetherspoons. It's all looking really positive. I've had my induction and I start tomorrow! I'm petrified. But at least the fact that the apprenticeship fell through gives me time to decide what I want, and to spend a bit more time in my new job before I come to any decision about my future. They've kindly let me have my holidays off, so Centreparcs this month will still be going ahead and I'm really excited about that!

Which reminds me, I have some online exams to do! Thanks for reading.