Wednesday, 13 May 2015

\\ What I Keep By My Bedside! //

Now that I've completed my only exam scheduled for this week, I can finally justify writing another blog (or, two, or three!) I know that I've been writing probably a fair few too many political posts, so I decided to lighten the mood up a bit by taking some pictures of my room! After all, I don't think any of you have seen it since it was done up at the beginning of this year. I won't show you the entire room until I can get my hands on a good quality camera, but for now here is some insight into what I keep by my bedside table. I typically call this "Dec's Corner" simply because it's full of things related to him or our relationship.

  1.  is my Mason Jar from Home Bargains. I bought it, at first, because I thought it would make a good (and different) container for all my loose change that I'm supposed to be saving up - but it just looks too pretty and summery, so I'm going to use it for its intended purpose! I don't really know what kind of drink to put in it though, so if any of you reading are super healthy and have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments! It was really cheap, too - I'm talking pence.
  2.  is my Yankee Candle in Mandarin Cranberry, which is the most glorious scent ever. I really can't recommend it enough. I typically use it when I'm having a nice bubblebath, but I keep it by my bedside so noone else can steal it haha.
  3.  is a bit of an unusual one; it's a Penguin toy from McDonald's. I keep it because this particular penguin opens up, and Dec left me a note hidden inside.
  4. is a little souvenir Dec brought me back from his trip to Egypt. It's a little scarab with enscribed hieroglyphs. He gave it to me wrapped in Egyptian newspaper, which I thought was really cool, so I keep that in the drawer below.
  5. is, again, Dec-related. For my 18th birthday he ordered me this... 'A Little Letter' which he had personalised especially. When you take the ribbons off and open it up, there's a magnifying glass which a tiny letter, so no-one else can read it but me!
  6. is the Christmas card Dec bought me, which came with my present - a 'film' kit filled with DVDs, movie food, my favourite teabags and other lovely things (hence why it has a cup of tea on the front).
  7. the little '18' block that his mum bought for my 18th birthday. It doesn't really have a purpose, it just looks nice and I thought it was really sweet.
  8. is a picture I had printed of us both on our first date, ice-skating. Obviously it's nice to be reminded he's there and it has a bit of sentimental importance.
  9. is my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 that I hardly ever separate from (though you can't really see it in its case). My dad bought it for me after I passed my AS levels.
  10. is my boyfriend's old dream-catcher, that he gave to me in that 'film kit' I talked about earlier.
  11. is a cushion for my bed. It usually lives on the floor, though! My room is travel-themed. It looks a bit Paris-esque thanks to my sister's influence; so my dad bought me this Leaning Tower of Piza cushion to make it feel a little bit more like my dream travel destination, Italy.
Underneath it all is my British Heart Foundation volunteer magazine which they send me for free every now and again, to thank me for volunteering. I've been volunteering there for almost a year - my, where has the time gone!

I haven't given out too much information, but if you'd like to know where anything was from or how much it cost I'll do my best to find out for you! Thanks for reading.

Meaghan x

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