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\\ My Bucket List, So Far! // 2015

I'm still young, and hopefully I have a lot of time to add to my bucket list - so, as it stands, mine is only very small and not particularly exuberant. It probably resembles most of other teenagers' bucket lists, but nevertheless, I wanted to share the grand old life goals I've set for myself.

1. Spend at least one Hogmanay in Scotland. Hogmanay, for those who don't know, is the traditional Scottish celebration of New Year's Eve; meaning last day of the year or new year's gift. Like many Scottish holidays, it has its own traditions: one of which to, of course, sing 'Auld Lang Syne' as the clock strikes (a song that has become common in many other countries). Although it is intended that participants only link arms at the beginning of the final verse - co-ordinating with the lines of the song that contain the lyrics to do so - it is often misperformed anywhere else but Scotland, where it is said the practice began. Nowadays, Hogmanay is a bit like an annual festival in Scotland, and you can even buy tickets to the celebrations in Edinburgh. I want to go because (as those of you who've peeked at my bio will know) I'm Scottish on my Dad's side of the family and have had strong Scottish influences growing up. I see the Hogmanay celebrations as a very close and sentimental thing that I just have to do once in my life, not necessarily with my family, but with people I love.

2. Get involved in a colour powder fight (or take part in the Run or Dye). I might be wrong but I think I've seen some footage of a Festival of Colour in Asia, which just looked amazing. There was also a Sony Xperia Z advert which showed footage of a colour powder 'fight' and I think that's what really inspired me to do it. They look like good fun and it's really unusual. Colour powder fights aren't all that common in England, but I did come across a blog explaining that you can take part in the Run or Dye event in Manchester, to help raise money for a cause, which sounds right up my street. In this post, Hannah explains that each time you pass a checkpoint, the staff throw colour powder over the participants!


3. That leads me nicely onto my next point: Run for a cause I believe in. Obviously if I do the Run or Dye then this point will be fulfilled, but there are other runs I want to do on top of that. I'm thinking of taking part in something similar to the Walk The Walk which is a run for breast cancer, but there are a couple of twists: a) you run at night, and b) you must wear a bra! (Don't worry, it can be over clothing). I think this idea is a lot better than most breast cancer fundraisers because, as this video explains, men and children can actually take part too and I'm all for that. Why do I want to do this? I don't know, really. Thankfully, none of my family members have ever died from breast cancer, although my great grandma did have a mastectomy as a result of her suffering. This wasn't within my living memory, but still, I just think it's a good cause. There is a small problem in that the races only exist in larger cities, but I have heard about a similar run called a 'MoonWalk' which may be closer to me. I also want to run the Race for Life.

4. Eat authentic Italian pizza and gelato. I don't have any Italian heritage, I just feel like I connect with the place on a spiritual level without understanding why. Although I love Italian style restaurant chains in Britain, like Bella Italia and Frankie and Benny's, I bet they don't compare to the real thing.

5. Continue learning Italian. Those of you who read my old blog may know that I started learning the language using the Duolingo app and kept at it for some time before my A-Levels got in the way too much. I'd really like to kick-start that again.

6. Visit the following Italian cities and landmarks: Rome for its perfect blend of old and new buildings. The Colluseum because it's both beautiful and historic. My love of Assisi was brought on by my favourite childhood book, Pretty Face by Mary Hogan, and now I'm left with a yearning desire to climb the mountain there and visit the famous church of St Francis. The Leaning Tower is just somewhere you have to go and take a picture and I'd like to visit Venice (before it floods).

7. See A Day To Remember live. ADTR are without a doubt my favourite band, and probably the holy grail of modern rock gigs for teenagers. I've tried to see them many times before but either I didn't have the money or they sold out before I could get to them. I'm determined not to miss them again!

8. Go to an outdoor festival. (Not really sure why I specified outdoor). So far I've never been to a festival, but the ones that have appealed to me in recent years are: Reading and Leeds, Slamdunk, and 2000 Trees, just based on the music they showcase there.

9. See a performance at the Globe Theatre. I know this is something that most of my friends would be interested in doing with me, and I'd be interested in taking them! A good bunch of us took (can't believe I'm having to start using past tense for college *cry*) English A-levels so we're all familiar with and fans of Shakespeare's work. I saw a great performance of Twelfth Night in Sheffield last year with Declan, but a performance at the Globe would be the best of British!

10. Go on a no-parents-allowed holiday with friends. I don't care where we go, as long as it's hot and has a beach!

11. Go on a roadtrip somewhere in Europe. This is another one to do with friends, because I probably won't be the designated driver. Imagine how fun it would be, though!

12. Take part in a protest. If you've read any of my political posts then you'll probably know this is likely to happen in the next five years. I've grown quite fond of the prospect of activism, although, outwardly, it's probably not the most respectable thing to interested in.

13. Be a bridesmaid (again!) I've been a bridesmaid once, for my cousin, Kim, but I actually can't wait to be one again! The good news is my dad is engaged. Hopefully I'll be allowed to choose my dress, this time! I hope Dad wears a kilt, like he always said he would.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure it will change a lot as I get older. I'm thinking of amending it annually, so make sure you come back this time next year for the next installment! Thanks for reading.
Meaghan x

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