Sunday, 17 May 2015

Birthday Celebrations // My Boyfriend's 18th!

I feel like I start almost every blog with the words "I should be doing revision" but never has it been more true. After all, my Stalin/USSR re-take is in three days. But, after the alcohol-fueled weekend I've had, I'm finding it hard to get my brain into gear. It's now nine o-clock at night in England and I am writing this blog on four hours' sleep - let's hope it's comprehensible.

Saturday marked the beginning of Dec's birthday celebrations... he's finally eighteen! For those who don't know or haven't gathered from my earlier posts, Dec = boyfriend. We woke early, around seven, so Dec could open his presents from his family, and I think it's safe to say he was spoilt. Among other things he got a PS4 (and a game to play on it), a watch, and a bracelet, from various different relatives. Then it was time to set the Playstation up and get us both playing Mortal Kombat (it's actually quite enjoyable). Then when we'd decided we'd had enough of that for now, he opened his presents from me.

He'd mentioned previously that he doesn't own any CDs! And I just thought that was odd. So, as a bit of a sentimental present, I gave him my own Scouting For Girls album. I gave him his first CD! Underneath is a gorgeous illustrated edition of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales that I just wanted to keep to myself. The slider the book comes in is made to look like a section of a forest, which is beautiful in its own right. I still can't even fathom how they made it look so shiny and glittery without using glitter! My favourite detail though are the brothers' signatures which are inscribed on the bottom. The actual book itself smells glorious and the paper was of such good quality. I could genuinely just go on and on about it. I also bought him a Game of Thrones-inspired card from Best Play Ever online which I hoped he'd love. You could choose which family was represented on the front and I knew he'd want Targaryen. I really recommend these cards, they have a really nice sheen to them, and I haven't seen anything like it on the high street!

At dinner, (or lunch if we're using Dec's lingo) we went to Revolucion de Cuba with his dad, his sister, her partner, and his dad's partner's son, where Dec opened more presents. When it came to eating, we were all provided with a menu each, which had been designed to look and feel like a newspaper - that was a nice touch. Dec's decided to keep his as a keepsake in a little 18th memory box. I ordered the Cuban Cheeseburger, which was nice and filling... also a little spicy but nothing to worry about. The fries were to die for though - and that was a unanimous agreement. Dipped in the mango chutney (I think Dec said that's what it was), they were even better. I wasn't a big fan of my Passion Fruit Mojito though; I found that to be rather strong and bitter. The staff were really nice, and at the end of the meal they brought over a chocolate brownie with ice-cream and a fizzy candle for him! Everybody else took photos of that but I don't have any because I wanted to enjoy the moment.

Then it was goodbye to his dad and onto his local pub with his sister and her partner. We only had one drink there courtesy of Hayley, and a few games of cards, before heading back to his mum's for a while. I believe my drink was a VK Icestorm which is effectively just the same as a Smirnoff Ice. Once back at his he played a bit more Playstation (I'm more of an XBox kinda girl) while we waited for his gran to arrive. His mum ordered a huge Chinese takeaway for everybody - I don't usually eat anything that different because I'm such a fussy eater but I tried something. Not that I can tell you what it was, mind! After the meal his mum brought out his surprise cake, Game of Thrones style!

It was then time for me to pop upstairs and get ready, in time for my outing with Dec & Hayley (queue silly selfies with Dec). After that, the PRE-DRINKS began! We didn't get into town til about 10:45, but we were soon drunk. Hayley very kindly paid for entry/drinks the entire night as I am poor at the moment (waiting for apprenticeship interviews) and obviously it was just a nice gesture for Dec. I definitely owe her! 

We started off in Walkabout, which I'd been to before with my friends Emily, Maria and Ellie (I might have mentioned it before). I really like it there. They seem to play the best current music. We eventually made our way to Scream to meet Dec's work friends, but we had a few stops at pubs in between. They seemed like good fun actually. They bought him a lot of shots which I'm grateful for because me and Hayley wouldn't really have pushed him to get mortal. He seemed really happy, though, which made me happy. We stayed out til 3ish and had a really nice night. To say I was drunk I haven't really felt the effects of the alcohol today, except for maybe that I'm a little bit more tired than usual. Dec's been a little bit worse for wear as his tonsils are all a bit swollen from the shouting, but hopefully that'll clear up soon. Earlier on we just napped and again played video games, but I'm at home now, knackered and writing this blog! I'm expected into college at 8.45 tomorrow though so I'd better get myself upstairs! I can't believe it's the last week I'll ever spend there with my friends *sob*.

I know this post isn't my usual sort of thing, I'm not usually so personal on this blog but as it was such a special and enjoyable occasion I wanted to commemorate it in some way! Thanks for reading.
Meaghan x

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