Thursday, 30 April 2015

My April Favourites 2015! // Plus Monthly Updates

"The term 'April Showers' is actually a reference to the tears cried by students realising how much revision they still haven't done." - Twitter user @clara2808_.

April is almost over, and as the quote above suggests, I've probably done far too much procrastination and not enough revision. Despite that, I still feel as though I haven't written enough blogs (or watched enough Netflix) - but at least there's one here for you all now. I'll start with my favourites and go into the updates.


I haven't had time for much else, so it's basically just music this month! Firstly, I've become obsessed with Don Broco. It took me about an hour I think, to go from jamming to Money, Power, Fame to completely falling in love with the video and listening to all their other latest tracks, such as You Wanna Know and What You Do To Me (which are equally as brilliant). I love it when you can hear a good British accent through the lyrics. They're very Lower Than Atlantis-esque, although I originally came across them after listening to Mallory Knox. I'd say they have a little bit of an 80s vibe. Their album comes out in August, and although I don't make a habit of buying CDs, I'll make an exception for music I'm completely in love with. You can watch the (amazing) video to Money, Power, Fame here.

Another band I've been loving is one that's a little bit less well-known, called Light You Up. I heard them first on Kerrang!s music channel with All We've Ever Known and I enjoyed that, but it's Lifebox that I really connected with. Lifebox is an acoustic song with beautiful lyrics, and -again- a video that I really love (100% less cars being blown up, though). You can catch that one here. One of my friends has said he's met them and they're really nice guys and they're great live, too, so it's a bit of a win-win!

Sorry, but the links to YouTube won't stop there, either, because I'm about to start swooning over the boys from 2Cellos. For anyone who doesn't know who they are already, 2Cellos is made up of three guys: (you guessed it) two playing cellos and one drummer. Together, they perform usually upbeat covers of popular rock songs on the cello. They shred. It's amazing. What really caught my attention though was their performance at the Colloseum in Croatia (the Arena Pula) which aired on Sky Arts 2 last night. It was just visually stunning - one of the most beautiful places for a gig I have ever seen. It was night-time and I just remember thinking how all the people in the city must be able to hear the music. Their cover of U2's With Or Without You almost brought me to tears.


The most eagle-eyed of you might have noticed that I've messed around with the theme and layout of my blog this month. I've added a few new features - like the extended 'About Me' section, as well as a list of my favourite bloggers, including my friends Grace/Liv and Maria - but the biggest difference is the colour scheme. I felt like my old background - the brown map - was too dark, even though it was perfect at conveying my desire to travel. I've replaced it with this kind of light-lemony-yellow colour (great description there, Meaghan) with a border of birds, which could still symbolise travelling and freedom.

Speaking of freedom, me and Liv decided recently that we're gonna clamp down on plagiarism in the blogging community; because freedom of speech doesn't equate to the freedom to steal other people's work. I've started the #BloggersAgainstPlagiarism hashtag, to let people know about the work we're going to be doing informing original authors of their work being duplicated online. E-mails have already started going out for that, and I'm so excited that I'll be able to feed back their responses to you!

The most important change though is that I'm probably going to be moving soon! It's both exciting and scary to be moving at this age - leaving the house I've lived in all my life - especially as I'm going to have to adapt to living with three new people! Hopefully the new house will be only just down the road though, so it'll be closer to town. This means I can invite Em & Maria on more girly nights out (pictured below) in local pubs and clubs, and also means I'll be a couple of minutes closer to my boyfriend, which isn't a bad thing.

Another important one is that I've started applying for apprenticeships, which is something I wasn't even considering last month! My friend Emily suggested getting an appointment at Space at Connexions in Derby which helps young people to come to a decision about what they want to do. I spoke to a lovely guy called Phil there, who asked me about what I enjoy doing. I told him about my blog, my love of writing and mentioned that I've always liked the idea of working in an office as I feel that's where I'd be most productive. He said I sounded like I'd be good in marketing, as I enjoy doing reviews, and so he put me in touch with apprenticeships in business administration. As it happens, I've just come off the phone to an employer who says they're going to recommend me to an office close to where I'm going to be living! It isn't in Derby, where I wanted to work, but still, how can I not be happy with that? Now I just have to read the information and decide whether or not I want to reply!

There we go, I'm going to leave you on a bit of a cliffhanger!
See you next time and thanks for reading!
Meaghan x

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