Friday, 12 September 2014

A Different Day

So I see all of these YouTubers vlogging their days when they do something different - something that they don't do daily - and whilst I too, love vlogging, my camera is about 200 years old so I'm just gonna write about today. *SHOCK! HORROR!*

Steve is someone I met at NCS, who I try to maintain regular contact with. However, spending time together can sometimes be difficult as he lives in Alvaston and I live near Alfreton. Our usual meet-up point is Derby, where we play pool and go for a bite to eat, but even Derby is almost an hour away for me to get to by bus (not to mention expensive). In light of this, Steve decided that he would catch a couple of buses to Alfreton, so that I wouldn't have to travel! It turned out to be a nice little adventure.

 We were going to eat where my family usually has dinner, in a cute little cafĂ© that's been there, like, forever, but instead he decided he'd like to go to a pub. We prefered the look of the Blue Bell Inn to the others nearby it, so that's where we picked. Being 17, almost 18, and underage to drink, I did feel a bit like a fish out of water for a while, and I was also a bit worried people might mistake us for a couple, but once we sat down the atmosphere was lovely - everybody in there was laughing at the smoke alarm that kept going off recurrently (due to checks) after we'd ordered our burgers, and the old guy who shouted out, "EVERYBODY OUT!!!" each time it happened. That said, I'm sure Steve would have been happier with a Kopparberg in hand, if he hadn't have forgotten his ID. Our burgers came to us after a reasonable wait; although they certainly gave us time to chat; and luckily, they weren't anywhere near burnt. The meal, consisting of two main courses, a starter to share, and two Coca Colas, came to the respectable total of £13 - around the same amount as it would take to feed one person at TGI Friday's, Steve mentioned. We both agreed we enjoyed our meal, the atmosphere, and the decor, and I thought to myself that I really should travel around a bit more and eat in new places.

We were going to toddle off to the Snooker Club near my house, but suddenly I had the urge to go bowling (probably because we always play pool and I wanted to do something a little different) so we walked down the street to Genesis, where I used to have offsite P.E lessons. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. We played a couple of games, which also cost £13 overall. I seemed to get worse throughout the game - I was better at first when the guy running the place (who seemed very nice and happy to chat) was helping me out. I won the first set, but Steve thrashed me on the second. 

After that, I felt a bit drained; not so much physically as emotionally. I suddenly didn't want to talk, even though he'd done nothing wrong, and all I wanted to do was relax at home. I wonder if anyone else sometimes feels that way. We got a bus into my village, because I didn't want to leave straight away when he'd made so much effort to come out. We had a little walk through the park and got him a drink before I took him to the bus stop.

That was a couple of hours ago, and I'm still feeling rather drained and unhappy - even though I shouldn't because I really enjoyed the new experiences! I just really need college to start back up, to take my mind off things. Sorry about the kinda sad ending guys! As always, thanks for reading :*

Meaghan xoxox

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